Four very good reasons to get your dentures relined

How your partial or complete dentures fit varies depending on the changes in your mouth and gum over time. Gum shrinkage and bone reabsorption alters how the denture sits and functions. A reline puts a new fit surface onto your denture and is recommended to be done every few years. Ongoing regular maintenance is not only essential to keep your denture performing well and looking great but ensures the long term health of your mouth. Here’s four reasons you should consider coming in to see us for a denture check-up:
1.Loose dentures move in the mouth with a rocking or rubbing motion. Any movement of the denture can cause discomfort and potentially lead to nasty gum ulcerations. Hard to be at your best with a painful mouth.
2.When your denture no longer sits on your gums as it was originally designed the force of your bite is greatly reduced. Not only can this limit the type of foods you can enjoy but a diminished chewing action can have serious digestive implications. Relining your denture ensures you can help yourself to your favourite foods with appetite!
3.Poorly fitting dentures can give you a prematurely aged appearance and become loose during eating and talking. This can reduce your confidence in social situations which takes a lot of fun out of doing the things you love.
4.Dentures that no longer fit as they were meant to are subjected to undue wear and tear. This means that the life of your denture is greatly reduced. Relines are a cost effective way to get the best value out of your denture leaving more money in your pocket for life’s other big adventures