What exactly is a dental prosthetist?

This is a question we get asked a lot!

As many dentists still provide denture services to their patients some people are unaware of dental prosthetists and the expert skills they have.

Here is a bit of a checklist:

  • A dental prosthetist is a primary healthcare provider with immense expertise and experience in the provision of removable dental prostheses, including sports mouthguards.
    To practice as a dental prosthetist you must have the relevant tertiary qualifications and be registered to practice with AHPRA.
  • You can visit a dental prosthetist directly without first seeing your dentist as no referral is necessary. All private health funds will provide rebate benefits for dental prosthetist treatment.
  • A dental prosthetist is a recognised healthcare provider by the Australian Government. This means they can provide services to war veterans and all state government dental programs.
    Most dental prosthetists like Dentures Direct Ballina also choose to be registered with the Australian Dental Prosthetist Association Ltd. This is a national body which has a Code of Conduct that all members are committed to, ensuring a high standard of professional service to the community. It also provides numerous opportunities to its members to keep up to date with all the latest techniques and technologies.
  • A dental prosthetist’s work involves using very fine tools and equipment to achieve a finished product with a lot of intricate detail and precision.                                                                                              By nature they tend to be people that pay extreme attention to detail and are often artistically skilled, as the job does require some artistic ability to construct, form and design a natural looking denture.
  • A good dental prosthetist has excellent communication skills as they must work closely with their patients and be sensitive enough to listen carefully to the patient’s needs.

Dentures Direct Ballina are very proud of our profession and the skills and knowledge we have in the design and construction of dentures that no other profession can match.

Gene Torchia, Senior Dental Prosthetist, has decades of experience and an enviable reputation for his high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Book in today and find out how successful a denture made by an expert dental prosthetist can be.