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A denture is the most common false body part and one that most people would be familiar with. What many people may not realise though is that designing, constructing and fitting a denture successfully is a very individualised and complex process. Of all the dentures made each year in Australia most are issued by dentists yet dentists do not make dentures. They fit dentures.

If you have your denture made at a dentist your denture is being constructed at a commercial laboratory by someone who has never seen you or met you. It is also worth noting that being taught how to correctly fit a denture and how to help patients cope through the rehabilitation period is a miniscule part of a dentists training and their clinical workload.

On the other hand, at Dentures Direct Ballina your denture will be designed, constructed and fitted by a highly qualified Dental Prosthetist who specialises in everything dentures and the rehabilitation needed for ongoing success. It is all we do each and every day. From the first appointment we get to know every client as an individual so we can work together to get the right fit, function and appearance.

We have been serving the local area for more than 20 years. Using the highest quality materials combined with decades of experience, we will provide you with more natural looking and lasting dentures. We pride ourselves on our customer service and have won a number of awards to prove it. Whether you are an experienced denture wearer or getting your first denture, Dentures Direct Ballina are with you every step of the way: consultation, design, construction, fitting, rehabilitation.

It is important for our NSWH voucher holders to understand the recent changes to the the NSWH model of care for denture voucher waiting lists. You can ask for a voucher which will cover all your denture costs at Dentures Direct Ballina, where we will provide you with our expert service. See our recent article on the changes for more information.



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All health funds and major credit cards accepted Seniors card welcome We also accept all Veterans Affairs and N.S.W.H.D. vouchers. We also have payment plans available.

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No Referral Necessary

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