Considering an immediate denture? Be informed!

Are you facing the prospect of having teeth extracted but want to avoid being toothless while extraction sites heal?

Your dentist may have suggested that you have an immediate denture made to solve this dilemma.

An immediate denture is where the denture is made before the teeth are extracted.

At your dental appointment, the denture is then fitted ‘immediately’ after the teeth are removed and – voila! Nice new teeth – sounds like the perfect solution.

However, while this can be a particularly good option for many people, there are pros and cons that need to be weighed up first.

Like a house, successful dentures depend on good foundations and predicting exactly how your gum will be after extractions can be difficult.

Bone shards, sharp undercuts, painful tissue flaps are just some of the unexpected consequences of tooth extractions which makes wearing a denture practically impossible.

Immediate dentures also require a lot more follow up and refitting as the gum shrinks and changes post extractions.

The most important things to remember if you are looking at having an immediate denture are:

  1. you need to be realistic in your expectations
  2. have patience with your progress.
  3. be prepared for up to 3, even 6, months of adjustment and frequent visits to your dental prosthetist (hopefully us!)

You will get there, and the end result will be worth it we promise.


Our initial consultations are free, and all your rehabilitation follow up appointments are included in our initial quotes so come in for a chat to make sure you are fully informed and involved in your treatment plan.