So now you have new dentures what can you expect? Rehabilitation is vital.

Globally dentures are the most common false body part (prosthetic) worn by people from all walks of life.

Dentures are so common that it is easy to forget that they are a prosthetic. And, as with any prosthesis, a period of rehabilitation is typically needed before you are wearing them with confidence.

You would not immediately run a marathon after being fitted with a prosthetic leg – dentures are the same!

Dentures are a very personal thing and no two people will have exactly the same experience.

Some people wear dentures with no difficulty from the beginning. For others it can take up to 6 months for their dentures to become fully comfortable.

Realistic expectations are essential.

We understand how important this rehabilitation period is. This is why we have a no limit no cost policy for all follow up appointments.

Make an appointment today to find out how affordable and successful replacing natural teeth with a removable dental prosthetic can be.