Sponsoring local sports teams

We are committed to educating families about the importance of custom made mouthguards this season. That is why Dentures Direct Ballina is a proud Gold sponsor of local sports teams – The Ballina Bombers AFL team and the Lennox Waves Basketball club.

Don’t risk it

Don’t risk your family’s teeth this season. Custom made mouthguards protect you child’s teeth from serious impact damage. Letting children play sport without a custom mouthguard leaves many Australians with expensive reconstructive dental work. One accidental hit to your child’s mouth can result in thousands of dollars in bills, painful surgery, and lifelong consequences.

 Protect your teeth properly

Research shows that ‘boil and bite one style suits all’ mouthguards available from pharmacies may do more harm than good. The Sydney Morning Herald recently published an article explaining the dangers of playing with these types of mouthguards and the terrible consequences. In contrast, our custom made mouthguards are uniquely fitted to each child. Dentures Direct Ballina’s experts ensure a comfortable and precise fit, with the correct thickness and mouth position to give teeth and gums maximum protection.
Call Dentures Direct Ballina for more information – You simply can’t afford not to get a custom mouthguard for your child.